For many years I have been working with ITC companies, research centers, freelances to design multimedia installations for museums, expo and live exhibitions characterized by great visual impact, immersion and interaction. Good music, great mix of multimedia contents, immersive view and several interactions help to make public excited, surprised, emotionally involved. Most installations presented use Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality and Interactive Projection Mapping as instruments for a innovative communication strategy.

Working for national and international events I had the opportunity to travel all over Italy, in many European cities and unforgettable faraway places like Libya, Jordan or Ghana. I work in different positions and in close contact with many operators involved in a exhibition or in a project.

My rule is fluid, I can work as architect, video projection designer, 3D content producer, software developer, 360° photographer, structural engineer. I do not retreat from manual work for prototyping, I adapt myself to doing small electrical work, carpentry, electronics or painting.

Below a list of museums and expo where I made my contribution, click on the images and you will direct on the relative page.


“Crossroads” Exhibition Cap.3. Byzantine and Christian Museum Athens – 2017  (coming soon)

“Crossroads” Exhibition Cap.1. Hungarian National Museum Budapest – 2016 (coming soon)

“3D Rome – Sarmizegetusa. Turn on the History” at the National Museum of Transylvanian History (MNIT) in Cluj, Romania 2016 (coming soon)

Museo del Parco Archeologico di Classe (RA) – 2015

“Keys To Rome” Exhibition, Museo dei Fori Imperiali, Rome. Italy 2014



Expo, festival or live events

Kitchen Aid Touchwall – German Fair Ambiente 2020 (coming soon)
Casio Interactive Video Projection – 2019 (coming soon)

Maker Fair – Rome 2018 (coming soon)

KL Converge 2016, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 2016
AIROME, Digital Heritage Expo, Granada. Spain 2015
“Madonna of the Goldfinch, Raffaello”, Digital Heritage Expo. Marseille, France, 2013
PORTUS FORTUNÆ – Pesaro International Film Festival 2013
Cronofobia Exhibitions
other experiences

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