“Crossroads”, Allard Pierson Museum Amsterdam – 2017

“Crossroads” Cap. 2 – Sep. 2017

“Connecting Early Medieval European Collections (CEMEC) is an EU-funded cooperation project that aims to create a collaborative network, and a cost-effective business model, between eight European museum collections and six technical partners. Drawing on objects from participating museum collections, the project will produce ‘CROSSROADS’, a travelling exhibition focusing on connectivity and cultural exchange during the Early Middle Ages (300 -1000) in Europe.” (source https://cemec-eu.net/about.php)

The second exhibition of “Crossroad” was organized in Amsterdam at Allard Pierson Museum.

VHLab (CNR ITABC) and EVOCA s.r.l. propose a new form of communication for museum. We create a new type of digital story telling mixing virtual contents, real actors, 3D animations, real time special effects. The final contents is presented inside a special showcase. The showcase is designed as a small theater with subjects on the stage, high quality holographic projection (made by Pepper’s Ghost effect), sounds and responsive light apparatus. Contents are created mixing virtual reproduction of the objects, drawing and 3D animations. All these thinks create a magic Mixed Reality effect.

In Amsterdam we presented 3 holographic showcases. “The Kunagota Sword” was the most impressive installation. The dimension of infrastructure is suitable to contain the real sword (that is long 1 m around). It’s equipped with 55″ monitor, 7 independent lights, sound speakers and one MIDI controllers to calibrate the projection. Installation and setting took two days.  We create contents and software also for two others small holographic showcases. In these cases the object are small and the showcases are full usable just one user at time. 

I was in charge of scenic set design, software development, prototyping,  assembly and testing.

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