Consulting, Project Management, Video Projection Design and Engineering, 3D Modeling and Simulation, Software Development (vvvv language), 3D Survey and Mesh Reconstruction, Inrteraction Design, Hardware setting, …

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Clients and Collaborators
Private Company, Public Administration, Research Center, Theaters, Musician, Artists and Event Organizer.

What’s the best infrastructure for the installation? How many video projector? Which software for that king of show? Is it interactive or immersive, both? How to integrate interactive technology? How to optimize the budget? We will find the best solution.

Infrastructure Design and 3D Simulation
Is the multimedia infrastructure appropriate? Is it the best solution in terms of resolutions, brightness, shadows, costs? Do you need an accurate and quick 3D simulation of your exhibit? Using specific software we can provide a preview of the exhibition before to begin.

Software Design & Development
Do you need a large number of display or video projectors? Do you need a projection mapping on complex surfaces? Or maybe you want a special tracking system for the interaction. No problem, we will manage, integrate and synchronize all you need. The developed tools have: high level of customization, high resolution contents support, multi device interaction, real time audio/video/3D processing, easy integration of sensor (Leap Motion, Kinect, …) and controller (MIDI, UDP, …), large number of display or video projectors management, geometric calibration and soft-edge blending solution, and much more!

Prototyping and Assembling
Showcases or video projections for museums is often a unique and special product. Contents,  interactions, spaces are different. All places have different requirement, in terms of users and infrastructure. Different solutions were studied and realized, maybe your exhibit will be the next.

Technical assistance, course, tutorial and on line support. 

3D Survey and Reconstruction
I have a long experience in High Resolution 360° Photography, Photogrammetry (in particular Spherical Photogrammetry), Laser Scanning, Structure from Motion, Image based Modeling, Mesh Reconstruction and Editing. Thanks to the new tool and a tested work flow is possible to create affordable, detailed and shareable 3D reconstruction of architectures, artifacts, naturalistic and archaeological sites. Let’s go on site.

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