Pepper’s Ghost – “Hologram”

I have been dealing with Pepper’s Ghost technique for more than ten years. 

Starting from principles of the optic illusion,  many different prototype were tested and developed. Many museum installations have been performed, each with an experimental and innovative solution. I’m usually in charge of visual design, infrastructure engineering, software development, interaction design, contents optimization and production.

Mixed reality solutions have been successfully tested in recent years. Real object, virtual reconstruction and animations are present at the same time in the showcase and their overlap gives the immediate visual relationship between real and virtual.

The latest versions of the showcase include a series of interactive controls for the environment such as lights, sounds and smells.

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Prototypes and products were used in the following exhibition:


CEMEC Project

“The Mytilene Treasure”, Crossroad Exhibition – The Byzantine and Christian Museum in Athens, 2018

“Kunagota Sword”, Crossroad Exhibition – Allard Pierson Museum in Amsterdam – 2017

“Kunagota Sword”, Crossroad Exhibition – The Hungarian National Museum in Budapest (2016)

EVE srl Project

“Perfecto e Virtuale, l’Uomo Vitruviano di Leonardo”, Fano (2014)

The pyramidal Pepper’s Ghost aim to visualize the all-round 3D animation. Produced by EVE srl Spin-off.

Keys to Rome Exhibition, V-MUST Project

The installation proposed is composed by two different gesture-based applications (ADMOTUM by Bruno Fanini and HOLOINT by Enzo d’Annibale) that aim to create a shared experience and a collaborative game play among visitors. Concept and Contents by CNR ITABC.

Keys to Rome Exhibition, Museo dei Fori Imperiali, Rome, Italy (2014)

AiRome Exhibit, Digital Heritage 2015

“AI-Rome” is a revisited version based on the same platform was presented with small difference was awarded with “Quality of Content Award”  for Digital Heritage Expo International Commission.

Interactive Pepper’s Ghost – HoloINT Prototype

Low cost Pepper’s Ghost Pyramid

This was my first experiment. Very tricky staff but the effect of floating 3D virtual reconstruction of a Castle is very nice!

Low cost Pepper’s Ghost showcase DARDUS – Università Poiltecnica delle Marche, Ancona 

This prototype was made to have a preview of  3D contents and video production for New Museum of Libya. Touchwindows and DARDUS