VR Solutions

VR tools for low cost interactive and immersive video projection

2009 Prototype

  • Contents: 360° photo, resolution 8192 x 2048 px
  • User FOV horizontal: 180°, vertical: 72°
  • Screen: 3 front projection screen dimension 3 x 2 m
  • Video projection resolution: 3840 x 800 px
  • Interaction device: Joypad, Kinect, Leap, MIDI, …
  • PC  I3, ATI FirePro 2460

Virtual tour solutions meet different needs and it is easy to customize in relation with space, interaction, function and contents. Many different interaction devices (tablet, joystick, touchscreen, video / laser tracking systems, MIDI, etc.) and sensors (Kinect, Leap Motion, IR camera) are available. Plugin and tools for geometric calibration and soft-edge blending are also available to create personalized immersive video projection on a free shape surface. 

VR tools for 360 walk through and high resolution 360 video capture

2018 Prototype


2008 Prototype

  • Contents: 360° panorama, resolution 4096 x 2048 px
  • Screen: 55″ holographic foil on glass
  • Interaction device: touchscreen
  • User FOV horizontal 90°, FOV vertical: 72°
  • Video projection resolution: 1024 x 768 px

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